Last year the BQP crew put their full snowboard movie up for free and here at WL we certainly enjoyed it (especially British rider Tyler Chorlton's ender!). Their Spaniard-packed line-up makes for good viewing, even if we don't have a clue what they're saying. This edit is no different and we reckon they're being funny but it's hard to tell without subtitles. (Any spanish speaking readers around?)

Featuring Fede Romano, Mati Schmitt, Nico Fuentes, Manu Dominguez, Carles Torner and more the Mammoth playground gives the boys all they need to produce a quality edit. Throughout the video Manu Dominguez sits on a jib sofa attempting to control riders with a remote. It apparently doesn't work as two riders jump the sofa and another sprays him in the face (just like your typical living room).

Other highlights includes a double at 1:53 that has someone doing a synchronised knuckle spray in the background. Looks like a fortunate coincidence as well. Double wildcats and a tandem triple line also manage to phase out the rogue appearance of a skier in the edit. Noah Albaladejc? Who is he and what is he doing here were are first thoughts? Maybe a translation would help explain that second part.