Ever watched a boardercross race and lamented the riders' crappy style over the jumps? Well, this new format could be for you... The Monster Shred Show is a week-long gathering in Whistler that's going down as we speak, and the organisers have come up with a few interesting new comps to mix things up - including 'Mogul Duel', the 'Big Hip' and this: 'Boarderstyle'. We're not sure the aim of proper, stylish jumps in the middle of a boardercross run quite came off as intended (once the leading dudes have chucked a sketchy spin the tailenders seem either to busy catching up or too scared about what might be waiting in the landing to try!) but it's definitely fun to watch. And with guys like Will Jackaways, Mark Sollors and even Terje Haakonsen himself in the start gate, you know this ain't no ordinary lycra-fest. Snowboarding needs more of this shit.