Jake Blauvelt may well be one of the world's most prominent backcountry freestylers, but hasn't always been that way. Go back and watch 2005's Derelictica and you'll see a young Jake sessioning monster park booters. In the new episode of Blauvelt's Backcounry, he embraces his roots at last year's most famous kicker session, the Nike 6.0 D-Pad in Norway.

The rider list includes Gjermund Braaten, Erik Botner, Mason Aguirre, Eero Ettala, Ethan Morgan and Yorkshire's finest Jamie Nicholls, whose backside double cork 1080 is as good as anything that came out of the session. Other highlights include Stale Sandbech's cab 12, Jake's front 7 japan and anything shot with that phenomenal sunset behind it.

The episode also shows all the stuff you don't usually get in 3-minute edits, something that the Backcountry series as a whole has done so well. We get all the early rises, false starts, injuries and flat light that the riders had to endure before getting the epic shots. Folgefonna has notoriously unpredictable weather, so the crew often had to make do with skating the miniramp or engaging in heated bouts of table tennis.It was all worth it for Jake, who even got to go off for a mini-shred with the godfather himself, Terje Haakonsen.

Just one episode to go, where we'll see Jake in Chile with Eric Jackson and Matt Ladley. We'll post it as soon as it's online.