Billy Morgan is like, so hot right now. The kid blew everyone's minds at Freeze, just beat Torstein, Mark McMorris, Stale Sandbech etc. etc. at the first Olympic slopestyle qualifier and still finds time to dick about with a football on the piste with teammates and buddies Jamie Nicholls and Ben Kilner. Now we all know how much Billy kills it on jumps, (after all, he did land the world's first triple backside rodeo), but we shouldn't forget how handy he is on rails either. This edit is from a while back and after the boys at posted it earlier this afternoon, we totally realised we'd missed it (it was another one of those that got sucked into the swirling Facebook vortex of presents, turkey and friends getting far to excited about the January sales...).

Anyway, 'Billy Morgan' is a total buzzword right now and this edit rips so check it out. How effortless does Billy make some of these tricks look? Don't miss the rad little switch up at 1:17 or the pair of lazy-as-fook 450 outs starting at 1:23. And is that a new kicker trick at the end there? Cab 1080 double? So sick.