Whistler has seriously gotta be up there as one of the best places in the world.

It actually has it all: incredible snowboard terrain in winter (massive parks, legendary backcountry and masses of inbound runs), incredible mountain terrain in summer (a huge mountain biking scene, thousands of hiking trails, picturesque lakes and forests) and a bustling, active scene off the hill (amazing nightlife, golf, bungee jumping and much more).

No surprise then that Jamie Anderson, Helen Schettini, Rebecca Torr, Alex Duckworth, Taylor Godber, and Jenna Blasman a.k.a the Billabong girls snowboard team, were stoked to be sent out there for some summer shred and relaxation.

Jamie looks as steezy as ever in this edit as does Possum Torr (how rad is that 'pokey' backside 5?) and while we thoroughly enjoyed this edit, it's definitely left us feeling unsatisfied inside.

The office in London just ain't cutting it...