Now that we're well into March, expect to see a few more sunny park edits and a little less pow. Still, if the standard of the former is this high, that's certainly no bad thing. When they've not been serenading the ladies in the karaoke bar, the Tahoe Dangerzone crew (Nick Visconti, Austin Green, Sean Black and friends) have been killing it in the Big Bear park.

Nick gets the lion's share of this one, showcasing the creative flow that made us love him in the Think Thank movies, but there's great stuff from his buddies as well. A special mention must go to Scotty Vine for two ridiculous one-footers: backside lipslide, as well as frontside noseslide 270-out?! We definitely want to see more of this guy.

Head over to the Tahoe Dangerzone site to see more.