With his balls-out approach to riding big mountain lines and powerful style, Xavier de le Rue is without question one of the best freeriders in the world. I mean, the man has conquered frozen waterfalls, won the Freeride World Tour no less than three times and survived from massive avalanches. He's also bat-crazy yet reserved, has a fantastic French accent and an adorable little girl who thinks she's his snowboard coach... "you're always doing the same trick, it's umbarrassing me!" When/if she starts snowboarding she's gonna be a ripper!

This interesting edit gives us a look at Xaviers approach to riding, his thoughts on competing and filmmaking and of course his daughter. We love the way that when people told him he was crazy for sending it off cliffs that they wouldn't dream of hitting themselves he basically tells them to get stuffed: "no, I ride fast, that's the way I feel comfortable". Straight up badass in our books.

Anyway we think this one's well worth your time: inspiring, touching, entertaining and with some epic riding. Besides, how could you ever resist that accent?