Back again, video-crazed piss-takers Angus Leith and the Wee Breck Bastards this time have discovered an iPhone app that manipulates faces on stills - as you've guessed it, they've used it on prominent names in British snowboarding. Providing comedy gems to break up their video really works; witty, sarky, childish and well-crafted edits of park laps from Beckenridge, Colorado. Not sure about the grime track accompanying it, but it certainly suits the take-the-mick-out-of-themselves tone.

There's some really amusing references to snowboard-world quotes and sound bites from the likes of Jamie Nicholls and Billy Morgan; the 'Nuddsinator', a tribute to Andy Nudds's solid mechanical style and that priceless piece of commentary from GB Freestyle head coach Hamish McKnight's from Billy Morgan's triple cork video:

"Go on Bill take the pop, yes mate you're fine, YEEEES!"

The end gets sillier parodying horror-movie genres with the WBB Spooky House of a Thousand Trannies!

What goes on in the tranny house will be revealed in the next edit.