Spotlight - Andy Lloyd from One Hit Wonder Event on Vimeo.

Australian snowboarders don't really have massive mountains to work with, their weather is pretty unreliable (just check out what happened to the Stylewars comp earlier this year) and their snow isn't great either. And yet just a short hop over a narrow stretch of water there's a land with incredible alpine steeps - so they tend to head over there (or to the States) to get their snowboard fix. Remind you of anyone? Yep, our UK snowboard scene actually has more in common the Aussies' scene then you might like to think. Like us, they're super-dedicated, and like us, they have to travel to get their kicks. Listen to Andy Lloyd here describing what he's been up to this year, and if you ignore the Crocodile Dundee accent, you could almost be listening to a UK pro! Weird eh?