Finnish pipe superstar turned backcountry soul surfer Antti Autti has released two successful online movie projects over the last couple of years. Last year's Relate To It was pretty much half an hour of hardcore snow porn and this year Antti is looking to continue the trend of producing awesome pow heavy snowboard flicks - while stepping it up another notch of course.

Approach and Attack will be a two year project that follows Antti even deeper into the backcountry and will be filmed in 7-9 different locations all over the world. The idea is to connect with local riders and guides to experience the regions from their unique perspectives. Our esteemed editor Ed was out in Japan with the Car Danchi crew at the same time as Antti so we're particularly looking forward to seeing the footage from that trip in the new movie.

In the meantime, check out this first episode from Antti and look out for more coming soon.