We like a flashy showreel here at Whitelines (just like Will Nangle's 2011/2012 one we featured last year) and since this guy's surname is 'Fo Sho' (kinda) we had to share. Petter has filmed the likes of Torstein Horgmo, Halldor Helgason and Eiki Helgason so is no slouch when it comes to capturing big rider moments on suitably HD cameras.

This video's got everything you'd expect from a showreel. The slow-mo, the building violin and some panning shots that get those aaws and aahs going. There's also a planet shot at 17 seconds that we can't really explain. Kinda looks like CGI but since he's a cinematographer maybe it's not... What do you reckon? Did our Scandi friend actually hitch a lift into space? We're calling fake, fo sho.