Nick Visconti's Dangerzone web series has been going on for yonks now - we posted the first one when was still in it's (relative) infancy back in 2010 and that was already season 2 of Dangerzone. Nick's back at it again this season with the first episode of DZ:MA (Dangerzone for Mature Audiences, apparently) and like everyone's favourite soup this features all the letters of the alphabet and a snowboard trick for each.

As you'd perhaps imagine the tricks get a little more far-fetched towards the end of this with 'white room', 'x-country' and 'yard sale' perhaps being the most questionable. The Visconti-tucknee-slide-thing on the other hand was rad. Anyway, this a nice little concept and a fun one to kick off the new Dangerzone series with.

Can you imagine teaching your kids their ABC's with this? Forget cow, more like: "say crail for daddy - CRRAAAIIILLL!"