Kids these days ey!

We've had the knee high bandana, but in this season's edit from Gregor Zed it looks like the Lei could be the latest trend in accessories on the hill. With an edit like this I'm sure every Canadian teen from Bucklaw to Pleasantville will be following suite.

These guys have more than a few tricks in the bag, but we do love the moment when they get busted snapping what looks like a perfectly good board in two. Not that we're jealous of teenagers who can throw down double corks or anything (1:50), but its good to remember that they're still a little scared of getting in trouble. Presumably the dude in the luminous helmet and flip flops is the health and safety supervisor...

Also watch out for the psychedelic interlude, and a 540 rodeo that looks so casual you assume that there's an airbag on the other side (0:24).