It's the weekly Windells hit! This time the Neff and Lobster teams took over and blew the campers' minds with fun, sun and some silky moves.

In attendance were the Helgasons, Jesse Paul, Tim Humphreys, Nic Sauve, Dylan Thompson, Max Tokunaga, Ethan Morgan and Cody Lee, who blew our minds with a sick backside revert to pretzel boardslide at 1.37, followed by a nuts backside 180 grabbing indy through the back of his legs!

Ethan Morgan went huge off the cannon rail, Eiki Helgason showed he's quite the all round shredder with a kickflip front board on campus and Nic Sauve popped up on screen again (finally) with a pretty damn awkward blunt stall front 180 on the side of the wallride. It's been too long.

There was a dual 'Ollies for Altzeihmers' event, with Jesse Paul popping the biggest on a skate deck and Harrison Gordon snapping the largest on snow: 44 inches!

However, Tim Humphreys - in a rare appearance more than a metre away from the camera - closed down the show with the quite frankly ridiculous frontside 900 stiffy seatbelt over the mega booter at the end. Like we said, ridiculous.