Yay! The new Windells edit is here, making your summer a little more unbearable by showing you there's still shredding going on in the world.

But, if we have to get snow jealous about it, you might as well be watching the funnest looking terrain park on earth, any time of the year getting destroyed by a crew of rippers like Halldor Helgason, Louie Vito, Nick Visconti, Max Tokunaga and Erik Leon - throwing down like the pros they are.

Not only that, our favourite Ht Mood camp coach Matt Chase is back again, throwing some more ridiculous trick down and over rails - believe us when we say watch out for this kid, he rips!

Cody Lee is another one to watch here, banging out a sick frontflip to fakie on the quarter at 0.59 and then swooping through a burm into a back lip on the waterfall rail at 1.06. Too good!

Once again, Windells look like they might just have the best park set up going here, bet you wish you could join them right?