The Mt Hood edits have started dropping which can only mean one thing, summer is truly here!

Yup, the shred edits from Oregon are always a highlight of our summers, made even better this year by the fact that WL were privileged enough to actually make the trip out a fortnight ago and witness the hallowed slush sessions in person.

More to follow on that path in the mag later this year, but for now feast your eyes on some rad riding on one of the most innovative and fun parks anywhere on the planet at any point in the year.

There's hammers from Nick Visconti, Max Tokunaga and coach Matt Chase (that back three to 5050 over the barrier is ridiculous), plus some of the Keep The Change crew who were hosting the session (though many of them rarely made it up the hill after a week of excessive Govy Camp parties).

What we're most stoked on however is the UK's own Will Smith making a cheeky appearance at the one minute mark with one hell of a rail combo: back 1 to switch back 2-7 then back to regs. Ooft.

They say Windells is the 'funnest' place on earth - boy is it.