Over the course of this season we've had a plethora of creative contest courses springing up: the Holy Bowly, Snakes and Hammers, the Rhythm Session, the Arctic Challenge, the skiing dick-pipe and now Instagrammed rumours of the next Peace Pipe, to name but a few. You really can't complain about the mudanity of slopestyle anymore, there's a new format put online pretty much every week these days.

And now there's another: introducing the Vans 'Ride the Snake,' proving once and for all that the stereotypical French park shaper, when motivated, can actually pull something pretty special out of the bag. Even if the crap innuendo name does need a bit of work.

Just look at that monster of a course: there's lines for days round multiple bowls, rails off set from every hip and bump and what looks to be like a great crew to shred with, although they all seem to find it difficult to remember where they actually are at first.

No matter though, with the difficult talking bit over the crew - including Tyler Chorlton - set about rinsing the park. There's no major hammers thrown down in the edit above, just fun times shredding.

The only question it begs is when are resorts going to realise that exactly this is what most people want to ride, all the time. Hopefully it's coming soon, but we can't wait to see the progression from jump jump jump, rail rail rail to this take over. Imagine how snowboarding would take off if this was the norm?