Here's the final episode of the season of 'When in Whistler' - a series produced by Aussie site Boardworld but featuring riding from a bunch of Canadians on top of select antipodean appearances.

The whole premise of the web series makes sense really, because as anyone that's visited Whistler will be able to tell you, pretty much every third person you meet is from down under - they're just drawn to BC like Koalas are to Eucalyptus trees...

Like the last episode, this really showcases all that Whistler has to offer in the spring, with backcountry shred from Geoff Brown and Gordon Emery; a couple of urban sessions with Geoff, Mat Galina and Marc Triffitt; and slushy park laps with Marc, Ryan Manning, Greg Murray, David Kinskofer and Charles Reid.

While sunshine is never guaranteed in Whistler (even in the spring time) it certainly looks like the crew had a few epic days out there before the chairlifts powered down for the season.