YES launch the follow up to last year's Missions web series, with Episode one of 'Infuences' - and first up is the life and times of main-man DCP.

This new set of mini documentaries looks set to take each member of their growing family and put them under the spotlight - from early riding days up to the present.

For DCP this means hailing back to the early nineties when he was signed by Burton as a straight-up pipe ripper - through to the Uninc era where he joined forces with future YES collaborators Romain De Marchi and JP Solberg - and of course rounding off with a summary of his YES exploits to date.

It may not be the hammer-fest that a lot of companies go for in this new web-series format, but that's not to say you'll be missing out on some epic powdery footage - YES get the balance right in our books, roll on Influences part deux...