What do you call a Yawgoon when he's not in Yawgoo Valley. This isn't a joke, we're genuinely curious. A Goon? That seems a little harsh given the calibre of riding here, plus the guest list of other riders joining the usual crew.

Scott Stevens, Danimals, Mike Rav, Cole Navin and Friedl Kolar all jump on board to hit tubes, tyres and tow ropes alongside Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand and Brian Skorupski for the 19th outing for the Yawgoons. 19! It seems like it was just yesterday that carving became cool again courtesy of Rhode Island.

Highlights include Scott Stevens re-defining the term 'ninja steeze' with his one-footed MJ antics, skate bowl style set-ups that allow for multiple hits across the hill and Dylan Gamache swapping the 2000's picnic bench out for the ping pong table.

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