What better way is there to close out your 40th birthday celebrations than to pack your board bag up and head to a dream destination to shred with a hero? For most of us, the place would be Japan, but seeing as that's where WOW are based Whitefish, Montana for a rip-around with the Airblaster crew seems like a good choice.

Not only that, but Doggy's hero is someone pretty much considered royalty in WL HQ - Travis Parker. You know, from Afterbang and sushi fame. If you don't know, spend a few hours dossing off work today and get learnt.

Yeah, there's no Dr Doggy board business, or crazy box set-ups, but there's one of our favourite web crews riding powder and dropping cliffs with a true icon of this thing we call snowboarding, so we're sated for at least another week. Ly. Of Weird.

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