Whistler love!

Oh baby, don't hurt me,

Don't hurt me no more.

Well that's what we're imagining is going round and round Torstein Horgmo's head as he shreds through Whistler's snow park, or Whis Park as all the cool kids are saying these days. We think.

His Sochi injury seems to have completely healed now, though his gorilla steeze is so laid back it's always hard to tell if he's actually having to try or not. That frontside lipslide at 1.04 hasn't suffered much though - that's easy enough to see.

As well as this, like plane spotters witnessing an original Spitfire landing at Heathrow the internet has already been ablaze at the sight of an AWSM branded snowboard at the start of this edit? 'What is it and where can I buy it?' 'SHUTUPANDTAKEMYMONEY!' etc etc. We not sure either, but we have to admit it does look quite pretty...

Its another short but sweet Torstein edit from the Shred Bots, once more leaving us hoping that we might finally get to see another Horgmo full part this fall, but there's no news on that just yet...