March. It's about then that the northern winter season starts winding down for most of the world, at least when it comes to powder. Parks turn to slush and pistes turn to streams; it's still fun but somehow not quite the same; you'd still rather swap your hoody out for a jacket and get stuck into some deep stuff right?

Unless of course you have the unfair advantage of being Canadian; the season is barely halfway through by March as you can see in the latest offering from the 'When in Whistler' web series, conditions still look prime.

The whole crew - Geoff Brown, Ryan Manning, Trevor Karle, Joel Loverin, Jeremy Melanson, Shaun Belmore, Yannick Lamontagne, Adam Chuntz, Craig Bowl-U and Nic Harvey - get stuck into some pretty serious riding. From a pretty serious looking waterfall rail and a hefty gap to road barrier, to epic looking backcountry spines and tree jibbing on a Dupraz, there is something for everyone to see here.