Flagrant disregard for health and safety meets a very powdery Oregon and a whole heap of tree jibs and flips in Dragon's latest #WeAreFrameless stop! Yes we're a couple of days late, so sue us...

Anyhow, it's the last full team edit and the fellas clearly went all in, charging round the Dirksen Derby and getting into all kinds of trouble. If you've been craving deep snow and good times, watch out, cos this one might just push you over the edge.

The third and final stop of the #WeAreFrameless Tour brings us to our old stomping grounds at Mt. Bachelor. While much of the U.S. was waiting for Santa to bring Christmas pow, Oregon stacked up the deep stuff and the Mocha Boys went wild. In classic Frameless style, the crew went out with a bang. Leaving with smiles on their faces and memories they will never forget. So sit back, break out your snorkels and get ready for the Grand Finalé at Stop #3 in Oregon.


Blake Paul

Spencer Schubert

Tommy Gesme

Mark Wilson

Dillon Ojo

Kyle Martin

Max Warbington