The latest episode of Dragon Goggles' #WeAreFrameless tour is a real game of two halves musically, but fun urban sessions run through it like letters in a stick of rock.

Extra points go to Spencer Schubert for his jacuzzi-to-Christ-Air attempt - there's a man prepared to suffer for his art.

Hats off to Dragon too, for funding what's shaping up to be an epic road trip - especially as no-one in this vid seems to ever wear their goggles...

Stop number two of the #WeAreFrameless Tour brings us to Big Sky country. Following a series of storms, Montana boasted some serious snowpack and the perfect setting for the Mocha Boys to do their thing. From high speed rollers to an abundance of soft street, this mountain mecca gave up the goods and left the Mocha Boys with permanent smiles on their faces.

Over the course of this month the #WeAreFrameless Tour will travel from Utah to the Northwest with three stops and four edits along the way. Be sure to follow @dragonalliance to stay up to date on the most recent Tour action!


Blake Paul

Spencer Schubert

Tommy Gesme

Mark Wilson

Dillon Ojo