Turn & Burn have reunited from all sorts of summer jobs in time to get things back on the road for 2017 - cramming early winter Whistler snow and a bunch of Japan footage into the first instalment for the year - with some serious moves being thrown on all fronts. Main main Beau Bishop explains what's been going on since we last heard from them:

"We are back for our third season of TURN & BURN, and we couldn’t be happier to be back boarding every day. For each of us our summer program is different, Wiley does metal fabrication and roofing, Trevan is a carpenter, Burns is grinding on his computer or guiding down in Argentina, and I’m in Whistler doing log home restoration. But once the snow starts falling, we all gather together and get back on the same program: boarding, sledding, and enjoying the mountains. We work hard all summer in order to get out there as much as we can all winter. I feel that this approach makes you appreciate those days out boarding with your friends that much more.

We’ve been having quite the start to the season here in Whistler—lots of snow and a good amount of sun. There have been challenging winters over these past years, and this has not been one of those. For our first episode we spent our time knocking the rust off in and around the Whistler backcountry. Meanwhile, Burns took off for Japan and has been crushing it over there with some young up and comers. We hope you enjoy watching."

Riders: Beau Bishop, Trevan Salmon, Andrew Burns and Wiley Tesseo.