The Booby Trap gang are back with part two of their vague series entitled Trap Files - as usual bringing fun to the coaching game by making sure than the kids aren't coached at all. Sounds weird, but you just have to check out any of the footage from wee ankle-biter Mia Brookes to see what we mean - it works!

This episode takes a quick look at the crew - including John Weatherley aka the Traplord, Callum Wareing and Ollie Britton - blasting around Tignes in the spring, but focuses on 'Trapstar' Joe Buckley spinnin' and tweakin' his way through some tasty Tarentaise slush. Plus a great Who Framed Roger Rabbit intro, props.

Stay tuned, as we have an exclusive interview with the Traplord and Ollie dropping real soon!