Scottish shredding crew, The Motherlode Project, are back with a spring edit - aptly entitled The MotherHof Project - from the Penken Park in Mayrhofen. They commandeered a few members of the Junior Team GB and got them hitting every kicker and feature in the sight.

Jamie Nicholls bossing the rails with style as always, with 14-year-old Fin Bremner showing us why he's had such a good season - throwing a back dub 10 off the third (read: biggest) kicker. This kid's now got back to back doubles down, which is an rad achievement in anyone's eyes.

Ben Kinnear, Billy Cockrell, Glen Ironside, Hawk and Greg Bow all feature with a few stunts thrown in from Rowan Coultas and Will Smith, plus a casual bit of swimming at the end. Man, it looks like they're having fun.