It's often hard to pass by an episode of the Crap Show with only a blasé 'meh' - but when the line-up includes Nicolas Muller, you know there's just no use fighting the excitement.

James Niederberger, Joos Caviezel, Luca Kuppelwieser, Gabriele Torriani, Dave Djité, Flavio Pfister, Jeron Lohner and Alex Tank star alongside the man himself for this one in the Swiss park paradise - and are by no means sidelined by his presence either.

April sessions means slushy slashes, slow spins, and stylee creativity from the crew - from the buttery front lip at 1.16, to the stalled out cab 540 two minutes in; and of course the array of quarter pipe treats from Nico, who's part starts at 2.45. It's all worthy of your attention however, so don't go skipping ahead.