Taco Trip are back for the first Episode of the season - and they're kicking things off with a tour around Holland - from the Rock A Rail competition in The Hague to SnowWorld in Landgraf and De Uithof for some dome shred.

Along the way, we get clips from Jonte Lindhe, Zebbe Landmark, Erik Karlsson, Simon Houlind, the UK's very own random bastard Sparrow Knox, Ludwig Lejkner and Nils Arvidsson.

If you've seen footage from Rock A Rail already you'll probably be aware that the lads killed it out there, with Sparrow taking a Crowdpleaser title on the night - and here there's more of the same, with a focus on the Random Bastards crew instead.

Back in the domes there's more rail styling, butters and backflips to the tune of Jeru Da Damaja - all totting up to an edit that's 4 minutes and 20 seconds long - coincidence? Some how we doubt it...