"Hello people!"

Everyone's favourite Norseman, Stale Sandbech, welcomes us to another episode of his web series Station To Station. Is it any good? Well, what do you think?

This is a long 'un, covering quite a chunk of his season. Things didn't go so well in China, when illness made him miss the Beijing Air & Style, but he's philosophical about it - and it clearly didn't put him off his stride. Medals at the X Games (both big air & slopestyle), Olympics and Burton US Open all piled up in what he's calling his best season yet.

Obviously there's no footage of his 'lympics, as no-one fancies getting sued, but the shots from the other events more than make up for it. And while he had to do the same kind of excruciating post-Sochi media circus that also befell our own Jenny Jones, he still found time to shred with the RK1 crew back home. Oh, and then there's the mohawk - is Stale the undisputed hero of 2014?