Dom Harington has been one of the UK's best halfpipe riders for more than a decade. He learned his craft on the (now sadly burned down) dryslope at Sheffield, which at the time boasted the world's only snowflex pipe.

The switch from there to snow was comparatively easy, and Dom went on to dominate the sport at the national level alongside Dan Wakeham and Ben Kilner. While he was concentrating on other aspects of his riding at the time of the last Olympics, this time around he's decided to go for it.

He's worked hard to qualify for Sochi 2014, riding with various injuries, including knackered ankles (in Sierra Nevada last season) and even a broken wrist (in Quebec) but with the final qualifier taking place in Stoneham this weekend, Dom looks like he's in a strong position to make it to Sochi.

He'll be in action at the final qualifying event later on today in Stoneham, Quebec. You can follow his progress with the FIS Live-Scoring system (click the "live" button next to the events) and be sure to send him your support on Twitter @domharington with the hashtag #BackTheBrits