Seriously how do Signal Snowboards come up with their ideas? There seems to be no end to the crazy ideas that these guys cook up. But while they're all pretty off the chain, this one struck us a particularly insane - a board made completely out of recycled paper. Or rather, cardboard.

As we sat watching this in the Whitelines office we couldn't help but scoff a bit - surely this would never work? Surely this time Dave Lee's seemingly unshakeable optimism would prove misplaced?

Well, apparently not! The boards each held up for the length of a run (as far as we can gather). And while you wouldn't catch us trying nose-presses like Dave's crew, they seemed to work impressively well given there was no edge and err they're made of paper.

A quick bit of maths told us that if all three cost $14 you could probably get about 100 runs from cardboard sticks for the same price as a regular board.

Doesn't sound like much, but then how many runs do you actually do in a day, maybe 20 at the most? We reckon you could probably get a week out of cardboard boards for the price of one normal board easy! Still not that economical then actually...