If you took away all the contests, huge spins, slo mo, premiers, tours, internet hate, Instagrams and energy drinks, bombing a hill in the fog with your best friends would still make snowboarding the best pastime in the world. Hell, it could even be better off without the above.

Airblaster know this, which is why this year's multi-part movie starts off with just that: the crew in its entirety ripping down Mt Hood on a down day before breaking into the best Oregon edit we've seen all summer. No Hood hammers here, just knee-creakin' tweakin' and sunny slashes mixed in with a bit of Erik Leon handplant wizardy - the best in the game.

Yup, the Side Hit Society will be flashing up on your screens for the next couple of months, drip feeding you some of the funnest footage of the raddest riders around - we strongly recommend that you stay tuned.