After he terrorised the X Games and the Air + Style, the folks at the Burton US Open really should have seen Scott Penman coming... but they didn't, giving him a golden opportunity to unleash merry hell in Vail.

Scott once again blags his way behind the scenes, and finds proof that in these triple-corking times there's still a streak of fun to be found at the Open; Eric Beauchemin embraces fancy dress, while Ulrik Badertscher gets hella funky.

Along the way Scott plays cupid for Kyle Mack and some Colorado cougars, plus Red Gerard hijacks the Penman-cam. Plus no trip to Vail is complete without ragging on the extortionate liftpass prices, and the questionable fashion choices of the locals.

But of course, the star of this one is the man who was the most memorable rider in both the slopestyle and the halfpipe (for two very different reasons) - Shaun White.

Great stuff Scott - now go wash those sheets!