Scott Penman is still on the loose, gatecrashing contests and filtering the snowboarding world through his own bizarre prism.

After blagging his way around the Aspen X Games, our hero headed for La-La-Land and the Air + Style. Manoevering his way past some religious protesters (who presumably think that contests corrupt souls, and true godliness exists only in the pow), Scott climbs up the drop-in where Tor Bergrem finds himself in a Stacey Alert DEFCON 5 situation. Fortunately it's diffused, as these things so often are, by a discussion about wife-carrying.

Once Yuki Kadono is crowned the winningest winner, the night descends into pool-partying, barefoot-kickflipping, tree-climbing debauchery. Among the chaos Scott finds an unlikely ally in Swedish master Sven Thorgren, who shows him the true power of an Air + Style winner's ring.

The snowboarding world is a better place for having this guy in it - stay tuned for the next episode of Scott Penman vs. The World!