Yessir folks, Sage Kotsenburg's first post-Sochi webisode is finally here, chronicling the adventures of young Wheet-O Boy on the come down from probably what is the competitive side of the sport's highest high.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, after you've only gone and won the Olympics and held on to the people's champ crown, comps don't seem to cut it anymore. Luckily, ol' Bacon Bits is pretty nifty at sliding sideways on all types of snow, so he was able to galavant around and sample all the types of snowboarding, in all the places. To be fair, it's exactly what we would have done.

So enjoy these snippets of Sage putting down the hammers on his familiar park kicker territory, but be prepared for it to get crazy once he steps out into the streets and backcountry - it's gonna be gooood.