Our bonding experience through that was as if we'd gone to war - and then you come back and you try and relate that to regular civilians who can't understand because they've never been there before

It just wouldn't be an episode of Blueprint without the presence of some first-class yibble; that nugget above comes courtesy of Jamie Lynn as explains how it felt to ride Alaska with Bryan Iguchi back in the day.

Fortunately for both of these shred legends, Pat Moore roped them into a trip back to Valdez for the latest episode of his web series. Even for riders with careers as long and illustrious as these guys (and that includes Pat), all-time greatest lines were found at the Last Frontier.

If you were a fan of Jamie in his heyday then you'll also enjoy the archive footage of him in AK, shot in 1997. Almost two decades later he's still just as stylish; it's a pleasure to watch him, Bryan and Pat take on snowboarding's boss level - and win.