Nike's drip, drip release of teasers for their forthcoming two part mega-movie Never Not (or #NeverNot as they seem to be styling it) continues with this banger of a mini-section from Moscow.

A crew, including Ethan Morgan, Sage Kotsenberg and Halldor Helgason headed out to the Russian capital where they joined Russian rider Denis "Bonus" Leontyev for what looks like an epic few days shredding.

Interestingly the Nike crew hit up a couple of the same spots where Whitelines had been with the Route One team just a few days before. And while they take a fair few slams off that gap at the end, we can safely say it's nothing to the punishment that Will Radula-Scott inflicted on himself on the same obstacle...

We look forward to seeing more of Moscow when the full movie drops on September 16th. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled 'cos there's plenty more coming from the Nike team before then.