British Ski and Snowboard (BSS) really are spoiling us with their pre-olympic series, One Team To Sochi, after releasing the first of a three-part documentary featuring the GB park and pipe team in action.

With less than three weeks until the opening ceremony in Sochi, the first episode follows the team to their training camp in Colorado, documenting the travel, training and lifestyle that comes with being part of Team GB.

From pulling 360s on a welcome mat to a casual game of 'sting pong' , these guys are clearly having the time of their lives and this is just the beginning for many of the young riders. But the road has not been an easy one, with some suffering ligament injuries just weeks before the olympics.

In this episode we see the guys in dry land training, strengthening, conditioning and perfecting the tricks before taking to the snow.

We're sure GB Park and Pipe Team will show Sochi everything they have got, so until the next episode, good luck to the whole team!