Claudia Avon and Taylor Godber have just dropped the first episode of their new web series, Fingers Crossed.

Both are veterans of the P.S. crew, so know a thing or two about putting a show together. Having said that, Fingers Crossed is a very different kettle of fish. With only a shoestring budget the two riders set out to make a backcountry edit, but the lack of snow in Whistler (plus a gnarly ragdoll for Taylor - see 2.10) meant a few setbacks right from the off.

Still, these are two dedicated riders, and they bag some lines eventually. Plus they know how to get the stoke back, heading for a surf at Tofino before relocating to Colorado.

Check back to Whitelines soon to find out what happened there - we'll have more episodes as they drop. If you can't wait that long, check out what happened when this all-female crew went splitboarding in BC.