Every Third Thursday is back! And to kick off this season, they've made their way down to the Gypsy Compound at Mount Hood - where already crews are gathering to camp out for the winter with easy access to the snow.

The concept for episode one? Building a board using a Hawaiian oven in place of the mechanical presses used in most factories. And seen as they're camping out in the woods, Dave and the crew decide to incorporate a heap of natural materials into the finished product too.

Technically it should work - all that modern presses do is apply heat and pressure, which is pretty much the formula for the hot cooking pits. So with a bit of added weight from a 4x4 vehicle, it's maybe not the biggest surprise that this crackpot idea actually kind of holds up! Pre-season shred is attainted on a strip of crud, but for all the guys involved it's a big success.

As always big-ups to Signal for trying out new things - and as they say at the end, if all else fails we could always break out this technique in emergencies, snowboarding will find a way!