Sometimes all you need is a single line!

Minimal editing - maximum stoke! We're back with Elias Elhardt for the very latest GoPro Show - and similar to the first episode - it's one-run and done. The location has definitely changed however - as this time we find ourselves sharing Elias view as he climbs into the heli with Gigi Ruf and Manuel Diaz to take a first shot at the powder in Alaska.

After a hair-raising heli manoeuvre, it's straight in to untouched territory, and a huge (presumably) tweaked stalefish off the first drop. From there it's clean turns and hits all the way down, proving once more that sometimes all you need is a single line!

As a side note - we almost thought he was going to go for it mach 10 over that final hit, but instead a slash leads out into the open fields - geil indeed my friends, geil indeed...