After watching riders like Bibian Mentel and Evan Strong take on the Paralympics last week, we're feeling particularly inspired by the amazing dudes and women out there. It just goes to show that nothing should hold you back when it comes to doing what you love.

We came across this fella on Network A - Jeremy McGhee - a surfer and rider from California who broke his back in a motorbike accident in 2001 and was left paralysed from the waist down. He didn't lose his passion for sport, so decided to push himself by starting the Drop In Project.

As the name suggests, Drop In is Jeremy encouraging everyone to do the impossible by taking on a series of seemingly impossible tasks.

These include diving with Great White Sharks, mountain biking through the Bolivian rainforest, surfing Indo, and helisking in Alaska - all as a paraplegic athlete.

Just check out this teaser for his first challenge - climbing California's iconic Bloody Couloir and riding down it. At 2,500ft long with a 50 degree pitch, tackling this couloir isn't easy even when you have the use of your legs. It's an amazing feat!

That's just the top third of the couloir! Photo: Drop In