Cooking With Gas crew team up with Iceland's own Eiki Helgason and Gulli Gudmundsson for Episode 3 of their third season of the series - titled 'Spring'.

While it may not be the same vision of the pre-summer season that we see in the UK - there's no doubt that things on the scandinavian island make for a pretty picture at this time of year; and the Finnish/Icelandic combo certainly make the most of things.

Roaming from the streets of Akureyri through to the (surely freezing) surf along the coast - we're left with an edit that's as beautifulyl shot (blood and bare backsides aside...) as the riding is impressive.

We finish things (no pun intented) back in Finland's Levi Park with some massive Hip action. Guest spot goes to Peetu Piiroinen who joins the original line up of Eero Ettala, Lauri Heiskari and Heikki Sorsa - and boosts a huge back 1 over the whole thing. Trampoline tomfoolery and fancy dress pranks carry us out, with even more action, albeit on the slightly more light hearted side of things...