Heikki Sorsa's 2014 Full Part is the latest footy to drop from the Cooking With Gas crew this year - and from the streets of Helsinki, to the Swiss backcountry, it's another banger!

If you're familiar with the series, of course, that'll be no surprise. The oversized urban features lit-up for night sessions continue to make great snowboarding look even better; and guest locations like the Icelandic spots from CWG's Spring episode more than hold their own too!

Then there's Heikki's equally strong aerial game on backcountry kickers. To call his spins 'clean' would be a vast understatement - and his personal winter highlight, the front 1080 ender, is full on bolts. Once again - were super happy to see him still shredding to such a high standard, and here's to much more of this gracing our screens in the future!