More indoor goodness from No Home Like A Dome; the young bucks challenge the (relatively) old dogs in the latest episode of Check The Checklist.

The format's the same - the other team calls a list of tricks to be thrown down during the session - and Marc 'Gladis' McClement and Sam Moorhouse (aka the Purpe Cobras) are coming off a heavy win in episode two. The groms certainly have power in numbers, but is their collective bag of tricks big enough?

The bangers come thick and fast, with the Cobras handling their gnarly checklist with aplomb - props to Sam for the switch frontside 5050 to cab 3 out, and Gladis for his switch backside 270 on/off! Shame about the next trick though.

Meanwhile the groms kill it just as hard, with one of them also demonstrating a mean snowball-throwing arm at the 5:35 mark...

Watch the vid to find out who takes the win, and catch up on the previous episodes in the series here.