The Capita team took on the UK once more this year in the lead up to their London premiere of Defenders of Awesome 2 - revving from dome to dryslope in their team bus up and down the country. And now it's time for Episode 2 of their two-part series - from Braehead, to Manchester and Milton Keynes, and finally into the capital.

It's a big show in the domes once more - with Brandon Cocard, Dustin Craven, Phil Jacques and Scott Stevens pairing up with the locals again. From Scott's 900 degree stall (0.28), to tasty inverts from Phil Jacques and Will Gilmore's and Calum Patton's cameo hits. Gradually sneaking their way through signings and demos, the crew find an eager crowd at every stopping-point.

Little Will get's some of the biggest props of the tour for a huge gap stalefish to boardslide that proves to be too much pressure for his deck to handle, and then it's straight in to the London premiere where it's pens at the ready once more.

If you haven't seen it yet - catch more action from the D.O.A. 2 tour through the links below.