Slightly later than planned - it's finally time to drop their final part of this season's Burton Present... and rounding off the year are their Women's team, with contributions from recent Dew Tour and FIS World Cup winner Kelly Clark, up-and-coming young challenger Chloe Kim, recently returned powder charger Kimmy Fasani (whose full part you can find here), Finnish ripper Enni Rukajärvi and Slovenian Cilka Sadar.

Having been filmed in October, the girls kick things off by making their way over to Austria to catch some early season sessions - styling out around the park. Before flashing back to the big pipe action that you might expect from a few of the names on this roster.

Now, if you've already seen Kimmy Fasani's Burton Presents part you'll already know she's making a strong comeback from her injury, but if not here's a second helping of her renewed focus on powder, with a final big kicker session and pillowy lines calling curtains on the whole shebang.

So that's farewell to another series for this year - unless you fancy recapping some of the other episodes below...