After Jussi and Mikey's double part for Burton Presents dropped a fortnight ago we've been waiting on tenterhooks for this one: Mikkel Bang and Jeremy Jones.

Bang's style makes this absolutely timeless. No trick lists here, just watch it.

Two riders from opposite ends of the snowboarding spectrum - a now old school jibber paired with a relatively fresh-faced powder hound - it seemed like an odd couple at first. To be honest, it still does.

Bang's part is, well, banging (sorry). Some of the most styled out spins you'll see all year with the most precise, locked down landings we've seen in years. Could he be snowboarding's Tom Wallisch, but in powder?

It follows pretty much the same formula as the Jussi/Mikey part (hell, any recent powder part): first half in the trees on greybird days, second half dropping big cliffs and huge gaps in perfect bluebird. But whilst this recipe could seem a little past it by now, his style makes this absolutely timeless. No trick lists here, just watch it.

Jones on the other hand is now becoming the granddad of urban snowboarding. Whereas even a few years ago his parts still felt as fresh, compared to the creativity of Scott Stevens and the ballsiness of Bode Merrill his one footers seem a little tame here. Forced pokes rather than raging bones.

He has a little foray into powder about halfway through his part, the stand out act really. Even this old dog might finally have to succumb to the deep stuff soon, the traditional swansong of many a career. At least in this case there'll still be some rad stuff to watch: that hand drag at 9.39 was sublime!

Saving the big guns 'til the end, the last few shots are still rad, the 5050 backflip loop-de-loop thing will be on many a 'best of snowboarding 2014' edit, we're sure. Still, be graceful Jones, see you on the next pow day.

The rest of the series will be released as follows: